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Yuga Labs’ Twelvefold Bitcoin NFT Auction Collects $16.5 Million

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The auction held by Yuga Labs for their Bitcoin Ordinals-based NFT collection “TwelveFold” brought in around $16.5 million in only twenty-four hours.

Yuga Labs announced the conclusion of the TwelveFold auction via a tweet. Congrats to the top 288 bidders; your inscriptions will be sent out to you within one week.

Yuga Labs made the announcement on the upcoming auction of the Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collection TwelveFold yesterday. Of of the whole collection of 300 pieces, 12 will be given to contributors, donors, and charitable organizations.

The auction of TwelveFold NFT received a total of 3,246 offers, which contributed 735.7 BTC, which is equivalent to around $16.5 million. The Bitcoin that was spent on unsuccessful bids will be refunded within twenty-four hours.

The winning bids ranged from 2.2501 bitcoins, which is roughly equivalent to $50,000, to 7.1159 bitcoins, which is around $159,500.

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