Yuga Labs Acquisition of Roar Studios Expands Otherside Metaverse Project

Yuga Labs Acquisition of Roar Studios Expands Otherside Metaverse Project

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Yuga Labs, the creator of the renowned Bored Ape NFT Collection, has taken a significant step towards expanding its Otherside metaverse project. The company recently announced the acquisition of Roar Studios, a prominent LA-based music and metaverse startup founded by Eric Reid, a seasoned entertainment executive.

We are proud to announce Yuga Labs is acquiring Roar Studios, a music and metaverse startup led by long-time entertainment Executive, Eric Reid, to execute our expansive vision for @OthersideMeta.

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— Yuga Labs (@yugalabs) July 31, 2023


Yuga Labs Acquisition of Roar Studios Expands Otherside Metaverse Project

Roar Studios Joins Forces with Yuga Labs

The acquisition of Roar Studios is a strategic move by Yuga Labs to bolster its development efforts and further enhance the Otherside metaverse project. As part of the acquisition, Eric Reid, the founder of Roar Studios, will join the Yuga Labs team as the General Manager of Otherside. His extensive experience in the music, gaming, and social media industries will play a crucial role in driving the project’s development.

Leveraging Roar Studios’ Expertise

Yuga Labs recognizes the value of Roar Studios’ innovative technology and specialized domain expertise in the metaverse space. With this acquisition, Yuga Labs aims to harness Roar Studios’ capabilities to accelerate the execution of their bold vision for Otherside and Yuga’s broader ecosystem.

A Promising Partnership

The synergy between Yuga Labs and Roar Studios holds the promise of creating a dynamic and immersive metaverse experience for users. By combining their strengths, the companies seek to redefine the boundaries of virtual worlds and social connections within the Otherside metaverse.

Eric Reid’s Role as General Manager

As the newly appointed General Manager of Otherside, Eric Reid will spearhead the development and growth of the metaverse project. His expertise in entertainment and metaverse technologies positions him well to lead the team in creating a vibrant and captivating virtual universe.

Yuga Labs’ Ambitious Vision

Daniel Alegre, the CEO of Yuga Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating that Roar Studios’ dedication to creative content creation and social connections aligns with their vision for Otherside and the broader Yuga ecosystem. This strategic partnership is expected to propel Yuga Labs towards realizing their ambitious goals.

Redefining the Metaverse Landscape

The metaverse has become an increasingly significant aspect of the digital landscape, offering users a multi-dimensional and interactive experience. Through the Otherside project, Yuga Labs seeks to redefine the metaverse by fostering an innovative and engaging virtual environment.

Accelerating Development and Innovation

With Roar Studios on board, Yuga Labs is poised to accelerate the development of Otherside, bringing cutting-edge technology, entertainment, and social connectivity to the metaverse realm. This collaboration represents a milestone in the evolution of virtual experiences and opens doors to exciting possibilities for users.

An Exciting Future Ahead

As the collaboration between Yuga Labs and Roar Studios gains momentum, the future of the Otherside metaverse project looks promising. Users can anticipate a transformative and immersive metaverse experience that pushes the boundaries of virtual reality and connectivity.

Advancing the Metaverse Ecosystem

Yuga Labs’ acquisition of Roar Studios exemplifies the drive for progress and innovation within the metaverse ecosystem. The partnership between these two dynamic entities signifies a leap forward in creating virtual realms that captivate and connect users on an unprecedented scale.

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