y00ts NFT Collection migrating to Ethereum

y00ts NFT Collection migrating to Ethereum

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y00ts, a prominent name in the NFT world, is poised for a transformative shift as it prepares to migrate to Ethereum. This strategic decision comes merely months after the collection’s pivot to Polygon as its primary chain, a move that garnered attention across the digital landscape. Originally launched on Solana, the collection’s journey reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of the NFT space.

A Defining Move: y00ts’ Transition to Ethereum

The NFT community received a seismic announcement as y00ts officially declared its intention to migrate to Ethereum. The proclamation was made via a tweet from the official y00ts Twitter account, solidifying the path ahead for the popular collection. The move is accompanied by the notable decision to return 100% of the grants that were previously extended by Polygon, signaling a shift in the project’s trajectory.


Unification and Vision: The Words of the Founder

Frank, the visionary behind y00ts and the driving force behind DeGod Labs, shared insights into the motivation behind this significant decision. Frank conveyed the collective effort to amalgamate the two vibrant communities associated with y00ts and DeGod Labs. This consolidation aims to foster unity and collaboration, propelling both entities toward a shared vision.

Merging Dreams: The Future of DeGods and y00ts

DeLabs, the creative powerhouse driving the NFT project, has more in store than a mere migration. Hints suggest a potential merging of two distinct projects, y00ts and DeGods. The company’s announcement underlines a continued affinity for Polygon while emphasizing the need to unite the DeGods and y00ts communities. This strategic convergence is poised to reshape the NFT landscape in unexpected ways.

A Pathway Forged: The Background and Context

The evolution of y00ts and its journey through various blockchain ecosystems has been marked by strategic pivots. In December 2022, DeLabs signaled a move from Solana to Polygon, a transition backed by a substantial $3 million grant from Ethereum L2 Polygon. This maneuver exemplifies the collaborative spirit within the NFT space and highlights the importance of fostering growth and innovation.

DeGods: A Rising Star in the NFT Cosmos

Within the expansive realm of NFTs, DeGods has etched its presence as a prominent player. Ranked as the 6th largest NFT collection in terms of market capitalization, DeGods commands a significant market cap of 87,150 ETH, equating to approximately $161 million. This impressive standing underscores the community’s embrace of the project’s vision and the tangible value it brings to the NFT ecosystem.

Ethereum Beckons: A New Chapter for y00ts

As y00ts embarks on its migration journey to Ethereum, the NFT community anticipates a period of transformation and innovation. This strategic pivot reflects not only the project’s commitment to evolution but also the dynamic landscape within which NFTs thrive. The convergence of y00ts and Ethereum sets the stage for a captivating chapter in the ongoing NFT narrative, promising fresh collaborations and boundless creative possibilities.

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