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Xive Introduces Astana: An Innovative Group Bitcoin Mining Farm

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Xive, a well-known Bitcoin group mining company, has unveiled its highly anticipated second Bitcoin mining farm named “Astana”. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest advancements in the market, solidifying Xive’s position as a pioneer in cryptocurrency mining.

In order to overcome operational costs and maximize profits, Xive has introduced group mining as a practical solution for individual miners facing financial burdens.

Astana offers transparent and automatic profit allocation, providing partners with accurate power distribution data for the farm’s 50 ASICs, as well as real-time updates on mining revenue.

What makes Xive unique is its commitment to accessibility. The entry threshold for aspiring miners has been significantly lowered, with a minimum farm share available for only $25.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new technologically superb farm ‘Astana’, which will help us serve our mission of making mining accessible and providing everyone with an equal opportunity to mine Bitcoin securely and efficiently,” said Didar Bekbauov, CEO and founder of Xive.


The response to Astana has been overwhelming, with over 65% of the farm already sold. Within just three weeks of operation, the farm has earned an impressive 0.4121099 BTC, equivalent to approximately $12,500.

Astana will remain on sale until September 1, 2023, offering further opportunities for interested investors. Building on the success of this venture, Xive has announced plans to launch a third farm in the near future, expanding its mining operations.

Joining Xive’s group mining initiative has several advantages, including the equal sharing of risks among all participants, including the founders themselves. Xive creates a supportive environment while mitigating the individual risks associated with equipment ownership. The company applies a modest 20% management fee on the generated profits to ensure fair distribution of earnings.

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