XDC Network’s Partnership with SBI Japan Marks a Significant Milestone

XDC Network’s Partnership with SBI Japan Marks a Significant Milestone

The XDC Network has achieved a significant milestone in its recent strategic partnership with SBI VC Trade, a subsidiary of SBI Group, a crypto assets management firm, especially as the global cryptocurrency market continues to expand. The hybrid blockchain ecosystem will focus on expanding into the trade finance sector in Japan, which is estimated to have an annual value of 2,000 trillion yen (14.29 billion USD). Given that the XDC Network offers high-speed transactions and uses energy-efficient gas fees, it provides one of the most effective management options for such enterprises.

The XDC Network’s Expansion into Japan

The partnership is part of SBI VC Trade’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with comprehensive services. Both XDC Network and SBI VC Trade view this partnership as a harbinger of future business and financial institution development in Japan, which would improve users’ trading experience as a result. Co-founder of XDC Network, Atul Khekade, explained that they aim to streamline Japan’s trade sector by making it more transparent, traceable, and cost-effective through their blockchain platform, which can potentially empower businesses and financial institutions in Japan.


The partnership holds a lot of potential for the XDC Network as it seeks to advance digital transformation in the trade finance sector and establish itself as a global leader in the blockchain space. Furthermore, XDC has taken several steps lately to provide more user-friendly experiences for potential users.

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