Wormhole Launches Groundbreaking Gateway Appchain in Cosmos Ecosystem

Wormhole Launches Groundbreaking Gateway Appchain in Cosmos Ecosystem

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In a major development for the blockchain project Wormhole, the team has launched a revolutionary application-specific blockchain (appchain) called Gateway within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Introducing ✨✨Wormhole Gateway✨✨ – an application-specific blockchain, powered by the @cosmos SDK.

Gateway’s purpose is to help broaden access (and bring liquidity) to the Cosmos ecosystem while also improving Wormhole’s security and sovereignty. pic.twitter.com/qG1kyvcnoY

— Wormhole🌪 (@wormholecrypto) July 21, 2023

Gateway Appchain: A New Era for Cosmos Ecosystem ✨✨

Wormhole’s latest creation, the Gateway Appchain, is specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of a single application, setting it apart from traditional blockchains. This groundbreaking innovation aims to enhance accessibility and liquidity within the Cosmos ecosystem, while also bolstering Wormhole’s security and independence.

Simplifying Token Onboarding and Enhancing Liquidity

At the core of Gateway’s mission is the simplification of token onboarding for developers and users alike. By streamlining the process, Gateway makes it easier for tokens to be integrated into any Cosmos chain, fostering liquidity and propelling growth within the ecosystem. This move represents a significant step towards expanding Wormhole’s influence beyond its initial integration with Injective back in 2022.

The First-of-its-Kind Liquidity Router

Gateway takes the lead as the first appchain to connect liquidity and users from 23 different blockchains supported by Wormhole to Cosmos-based appchains, all thanks to its innovative IBC-based liquidity router. With this revolutionary feature, users can now transfer assets from ecosystems like Ethereum and Solana to Cosmos without incurring any additional bridging fees.

Empowering Developers and Users Across the Cosmos Ecosystem

Gateway’s introduction marks a milestone for developers and users across various blockchains. This appchain enables seamless access and interaction with any Cosmos appchain, empowering developers to explore new possibilities and users to engage with decentralized applications effortlessly.

Driving Liquidity and Token Onboarding with Cosmos SDK

Powered by Cosmos SDK, Gateway is set to be a driving force behind liquidity enhancement and smooth token onboarding. This integration is expected to accelerate the development and expansion of decentralized applications within the Cosmos ecosystem, propelling the entire blockchain space into new heights of innovation and accessibility.


In conclusion, Wormhole’s introduction of the Gateway Appchain is a game-changer for the Cosmos ecosystem. With its focus on simplifying token onboarding, boosting liquidity, and fostering developer and user engagement, Gateway brings a new era of accessibility and growth. As the first appchain to connect users from various blockchains to Cosmos-based appchains, Gateway sets the stage for greater innovation and collaboration within the blockchain space. Powered by Cosmos SDK, the Gateway Appchain is poised to drive the development of decentralized applications and redefine the future of blockchain technology within the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

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