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What is XFarm (XFA)? A worthy alternative to xPet

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XFarm is a GameFi platform built on the Arbitrum ecosystem, regarded as an upgrade to its predecessor in the same gaming niche, xPet, which has recently gained recognition and established its reputation.

What is XFarm?

XFarm is a GameFi platform developed on the Arbitrum ecosystem, incorporating a groundbreaking mechanism that combines farming with blockchain technology. It offers a unique gaming experience for Twitter/X users, providing an entertaining environment for managing virtual farms and caring for animals. Users on XFarm can cultivate their digital farms with a variety of animals, contributing actively to their income.

The integration of entertainment and income opportunities makes XFarm stand out, turning it into a pioneering project in the digital space. Users can enjoy the tranquility of farm life while participating in an engaging economic experience, all within the Twitter/X environment. 

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XFarm was launched on mainnet on January 17, 2024, at 11:00 AM (UTC). You can download the game through the provided link and integrate it into a similar extension when installing wallets like Metamask or Trust Network.

You can use the project’s code to participate in the game: #xfarm_yjykfjzd

XFarm Features

Raising Animals:

Purchase animals from the store, which offers a variety of creatures suitable for your farming strategy.

Feed your pets to ensure they are well-nourished by buying food from the store or completing tasks on the X social media platform (formerly Twitter).

Upgrade animals to increase their productivity and contribute to the participant’s income.

Finding Free Food:

finding food

XFarm provides an innovative solution for acquiring free food by interacting with specific tasks on Twitter/X. Connecting your Twitter account allows you to receive free food for your animals by engaging with special icons on Twitter, such as retweeting or responding to comments.

Passive Earning:

Maintain the health of your animals to keep them active and generate XFA tokens for you, providing passive income even when not actively participating.

Earning Boost:

Increase income by reaching level 5 with your animals. Higher-level animals generate more income. To level up, invite more users to join or increase activity on the platform. 

The more people you invite to join the platform, the more rewards you will receive.

Economic Model


Using ETH as collateral to borrow XFA tokens by sending ETH to the Arbitrum chain, you can enhance your farm by purchasing or upgrading assets. This not only improves the overall functionality of your farm but also helps you increase your income.


The system is designed to ensure the stable value of the XFA token and fair distribution.


Collaborate with businesses to create additional income opportunities, boost demand for XFA tokens, and address inflation.

Overview of XFA Token

Basic Information:

  • Token: XFarm
  • Token Symbol: XFA
  • Network: Arbitrum
  • Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 XFA

Token Allocation

Xfarm tokennomisc
Xfarm tokennomisc

Development Roadmap

Jan 2024:

Game and Token Launch

Feb 2024:

New Animals, Farm Designs, Staking Feature

Mar 2024:

“Hire” Feature, PvP Gameplay

Throughout 2024:

Mobile App, 3D Game Version, NFT Collection

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XFarm is considered a comprehensive upgrade of the xPet game. Built on the Arbitrum ecosystem with a substantial user base and a plethora of transactions, this game holds the promise of explosive growth in the near future.