Unstoppable Domains Introduces AI-Generated PFP Avatars

The leading web 3 domain provider, Unstoppable Domains, announced the launch of AI-generated art that will allow users to create and mint their own AI avatars.

Unstoppable Domains Introduces AI Generated PFP Avatars 3 1

Unstoppable is a platform that offers AI avatar software for users to create unique and realistic computer-generated profile pictures (PFPs) that can be used on the platform or minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Polygon.


To use the service, users pay a fee of $14.99 and upload up to 20 images of themselves. The AI software then generates 200 unique images within an hour, which can be used as PFPs on Unstoppable’s platform or sold as NFTs on the secondary marketplace OpenSea. Users don’t require a Web3 domain to use this feature.

AI adds a technical flair to digital representation, allowing users to be creative and experiment in the space of AI. Lisa DeLuca, senior director of engineering at Unstoppable, said it allows users to nerd out and show off their digital identity.

Unstoppable Domains Introduces AI Generated PFP Avatars 4

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