Unlocking India's Potential Ava Labs Welcomes Polygon and OKX Pros

Unlocking India’s Potential: Ava Labs Welcomes Polygon and OKX Pros

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In a significant stride towards global expansion, Ava Labs, the driving force behind the revolutionary Avalanche blockchain, has strategically appointed two formidable talents to fortify its presence in India. The company welcomed aboard Devika Mittal, renowned for her pivotal role at the cryptocurrency exchange OKX, and Kamakshi Arjun, a seasoned professional from Polygon Labs. Their mission? To propel Avalanche into new realms of recognition and utility within the vibrant Indian market.

Devika Mittal, now heading Ava Labs’ operations in India, brings a wealth of experience from her tenure as the managing listings expert at OKX. Alongside her, Kamakshi Arjun, the former head of partnerships in India at Polygon Labs, steps into the role of business development lead for India at Ava Labs. Their combined expertise forms a formidable force, fueling Ava Labs’ ambitious drive in the country.

The focus of Ava Labs in India is crystal clear: to enhance the adoption and popularity of the Avalanche blockchain across various sectors. Areas such as ticketing, certification, and supply chain management stand under the spotlight of their initiatives. Mittal emphasized Ava Labs’ intention to replicate its international successes within the Indian market. She highlighted impactful collaborations, including a groundbreaking partnership with SK Planet’s Dreamus, an electronics and entertainment powerhouse. This collaboration aimed to revolutionize the ticket booking process, promising a seamless experience for consumers.

Furthermore, Ava Labs’ collaboration with the Indian game streaming platform Loco marked another milestone. Together, they embarked on a journey to elevate fan interactions on the Avalanche platform, promising innovation and excitement for the gaming community.

Ava Labs’ expansion in India signifies not just a strategic move but a testament to its commitment to innovation and growth. With the combined efforts of passionate professionals like Mittal and Arjun, Ava Labs is poised to carve a niche in the dynamic landscape of the Indian market. Stay tuned as they unravel new opportunities and collaborations, reshaping the future of blockchain technology in India and beyond.

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