Uniswap Rakes in Over $1 Million in Under 24 Days

Uniswap Rakes in Over $1 Million in Under 24 Days

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According to recent analysis by on-chain data platform Token TerminalUniswap Labs has generated over $1 million in cumulative front-end fees in just under 24 days. Reporter Wu Blockchain reported that this amounts to an estimated annual revenue of approximately $15.2 million for the decentralized exchange platform.

The analysis found that in about 24 days, the cumulative Uniswap front-end fees collected by Uniswap Labs have exceeded US$1 million. Based on this calculation, Uniswap Labs’ annualized revenue is approximately $15.2 million. About 16% of recent Uniswap trading volume is currently being collected as a portion of the 0.3% trading fee charged on each swap.

Founded in 2018, Uniswap was created by Hayden Adams and serves as the core development team behind the popular automated market maker protocol. Built on EthereumUniswap has emerged as one of the largest and most widely used DEX platforms worldwide. This recent data highlighted by Token Terminal shows the growth Uniswap has seen, with daily fee rates and weekly revenues increasing substantially.

The analysis provides insight into how Uniswap‘s success has translated into substantial revenue even as the crypto bear market continues. With over $3 billion in market capitalization, Uniswap‘s native UNI token also shows strength, currently up over 2% and nearly 13% for the last day and week respectively. This latest analysis demonstrates Uniswap‘s leading position and strong performance in the evolving DEX and decentralized finance sector.

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