Uniswap Launches Android App in Beta, Expanding Mobile DEX Access

Uniswap Launches Android App in Beta, Expanding Mobile DEX Access

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Leading decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) Uniswap has launched a beta version of its platform app for Android devices.

This expands Uniswap’s mobile availability beyond iOS to the massive Android user base following strong community demand.

App Provides Mobile Access to Top DEX

In an October 12th tweet, Uniswap Labs announced its Android wallet app is now in beta and open for waitlist signups to gain early access.

The app allows seamless swaps between Ethereum mainnet and Layer 2 networks, swap protection, transparent fee structures, and other key DEX functionality from Android smartphones.

Uniswap first introduced its iOS app in April 2022 after prolonged uncertainty around Apple App Store policies for crypto apps.

Now with Android availability, Uniswap’s DEX services can reach billions of smartphone users spanning the two dominant mobile operating systems.

User Feedback to Improve Offering

Per Uniswap Labs, the Android beta will incorporate user input over coming weeks to refine the app before a full production release.

Onboarding mobile users is crucial for Uniswap’s aim to make decentralized finance accessible for mainstream audiences beyond crypto natives.

A polished, user-friendly Uniswap app could help drive adoption by making non-custodial crypto trading easy via people’s smartphones.

By extending its DEX to Android and iOS, Uniswap pushes decentralized finance closer to mass mobile integration – a major milestone for the ecosystem.