Tony Fadell will help Ledger create a new hardware wallet.

Tony Fadell will help Ledger create a new hardware wallet.

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The cryptocurrency wallet manufacturer Ledger and Tony Fadell, who was responsible for the development of the iPod, launched the Ledger Stax hardware wallet.

According to Pascal Gauthier, who serves as both CEO and chairman of Ledger, the company’s goal is to transform the Stax into a device that is both more fashionable and more functional than the Nano S.

Ian Rogers, chief experience officer of Ledger, announced, “We wanted to do something that is more fun and fits with where culture is going,”

The wallet draws attention to its characteristics; it looks like a device for credit cards and has magnets built into it so that numerous wallets may be simply layered on top of one another. A wraparound e-ink display may be found on the outside of the device. This display can also display transaction data and NFTs.

In comparison, the Nano X Wallet can be purchased for a price of $149, while the Nano S Plus can be purchased for a price of just $79.

When compared to the retail pricing of the Nano S Plus, which is $79, and the price of the Nano X Wallet, which is $149, the Ledger Stack will now be available at a price of $279.

After the failure of the centralized cryptocurrency exchange FTX and the asset freezes of other cryptocurrency companies, now is the ideal moment for Ledger to introduce a new hardware wallet since there is a rising interest in self-custody.

Rogers said, “We were ready for this moment.” 

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