The public can now order the Solana Flagship Mobile Saga

The public can now order the Solana Flagship Mobile Saga

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As promised last month, the highly awaited flagship Android phone from Solana mobile is finally accessible to the general market. At this time, it will be shipping to the US, Canada, EU, UK, Switzerland, AU, and NZ. An official announcement claims that the blockchain platform is now getting some praise for the phone’s novel functions.

The team stated:

“Saga is a phone and much more. You can enjoy a simplified web3 experience with Seed Vault, a secure self-custody solution that protects your keys through biometric authentication and encryption. With the Solana dApp Store, Saga users can access decentralized apps without having to interact and sign transactions through their desktop web browser.”

Feature Packed Device

The prospective release of the mobile Android device was not mentioned until June 2022, when the CEO of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko made the announcement. The Solana network is said to be integral to the phone’s unique features and functions.

Users were told that the phone could be used for web3 transactions, token trading, NFT minting, on-chain gaming, and accessing decentralized apps.  Now that the Saga has been released, users may get a Saga genesis token (NFT) during the setup process. Some of the decentralized applications (DApps) available via its curated app store will need this token.

Saga’s specs include a 6.6-inch screen, 512GB of storage, and private key security. The phone was rumored to be released in April, but it was already up for preorder on the company’s website. The SOL token’s value increased upon the announcement of its release.

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