“The Fast and the Furious” Writer David Ayer join Web3

“The Fast and the Furious” Writer David Ayer join Web3

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David Ayer is collaborating with NFT technology platform to launch the web3 racing game “Lollipop”. It is an interactive game blending episodic streaming, gaming, & sports, powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Polygon blockchain.

Steven Ilous, the CEO of, first explained the idea behind Lollipop to Ayer. Ilous noted Ayer’s enthusiasm for web3 technology.

NFTs will be a part of Lollipop, though Ilous and Ayer prefer to call them “digital collectibles” to avoid the negative connotation that the term “NFT” carries.

“We don’t really use the word NFTs,” Ilous observed. However, there are digital collectibles, a streaming narrative element, and gamification.

“I’m thrilled to be working with the team at Polygon on ‘Lollipop,'” Ayer continued. I’ve always been interested in experimenting with novel forms of entertainment and storytelling as a filmmaker, and blockchain gaming is the ideal platform for doing that. I can’t wait for users to enjoy the rush of racing in this ground-breaking new title.

The “truly pioneering” partnership is highlighted by Ryan Wyatt, president of Polygon, who states that “Feature is leading the future of storytelling and utilizing Polygon blockchain technology to create a completely new type of media.”

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