Supra Announces Public Sale of SUPRA Tokens

Supra Announces Public Sale of SUPRA Tokens

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Supra Unveils Bold Plan for SUPRA Token Public Sale

In a groundbreaking move set to transform the landscape of the blockchain industry, Supra, the pioneering blockchain oracle project, has unveiled its much-anticipated plan for a public sale of its SUPRA tokens. This strategic initiative, scheduled for October 25 at 3:00 PM, aims to foster widespread participation in the burgeoning blockchain network. The company is all set to release 50 million SUPRA tokens, inviting enthusiasts and investors alike to be part of this revolution.

At the heart of Supra’s Token Generation Event (TGE) lies a meticulously crafted distribution strategy. Investors diving into this innovative opportunity will receive an immediate 10% allocation of tokens at the onset. The remaining 90% of SUPRA tokens will be disbursed gradually over the next 18 months, with a consistent monthly release of 5%. This accessibility ensures that investors can engage with the sale, with a modest minimum investment requirement of just $200 and no upper investment limit.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Supra has engineered a comprehensive plan for the allocation of the remaining 10 billion SUPRA tokens. Validators, critical to enhancing the security of the Oracle network, will receive 21% of the tokens as block rewards, distributed over a span of 15 to 21 years. This strategic move underlines Supra’s commitment to fortifying the network’s integrity.

The Foundation, a cornerstone of Supra’s ecosystem, will receive 17% of the tokens. This allocation, disseminated over seven years, will be dedicated to nurturing the Supra ecosystem and advancing Web3 data. The distribution process includes a six-month waiting period, followed by quarterly unlocking, ensuring a sustainable and strategic approach to development.

Furthermore, 16% of the tokens are earmarked for the founders and consultants. This allocation includes a waiting period of 12 months, followed by a judicious annual release. The first two years will see 20% of the tokens distributed annually, with subsequent years ramping up to 30%. This carefully calibrated strategy reflects Supra’s commitment to honoring the foundational contributors of the project.

Additionally, 3.85% of the tokens will be allocated to ensure exchange liquidity, providing a vital mechanism for the seamless trading of SUPRA tokens. Supra’s proactive approach to liquidity underscores its dedication to creating a vibrant and fluid market environment for its investors.

Supra’s commitment to inclusivity is further evidenced through various allocation categories, including pre-seed rounds, seed rounds, and strategic rounds. These diverse methods ensure a broad spectrum of participation, making the SUPRA token sale a truly democratic opportunity for investors at all levels.

In essence, Supra’s token sale represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain technology. By offering a transparent, accessible, and well-structured investment opportunity, Supra is not only revolutionizing the blockchain landscape but also inviting enthusiasts and investors to be part of a transformative journey. Stay tuned on October 25 at 3:00 PM for a chance to be part of this groundbreaking event that promises to redefine the future of blockchain.

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