Steve Aoki x Seth Green Release Stop-Motion Short on Shibuya

Steve Aoki x Seth Green Release Stop-Motion Short on Shibuya

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To honor the release of “Dominion X: Level 2,” Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki and Hollywood actor Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios has partnered with web3 platform Shibuya. “Dominion X: Level 2” is the very first stop-motion short film to be co-directed by an NFT community.

Steve Aoki x Seth Green Release Stop-Motion Short on Shibuya
Steve Aoki x Seth Green Release Stop-Motion Short on Shibuya

Since the beginning of the Shibuya platform in March 2022, Dominion X: Level 2 has been the first external intellectual property (IP) to be released. It has been noted that this stop-motion project is a “unique exercise” in community co-creation, and it has the goal of taking storytelling to a higher level using Web3 technology.

In August 2021, “Dominion X” was introduced to the public for the first time as a sequence of animated scenes that were made available as NFTs via Nifty Gateway. All of these NFTs were purchased in a matter of seconds. After that, the stop-motion short known as “Dominion X: Level 1” was produced, which featured Steve Aoki’s Character X and was made in partnership with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.

In September of 2022, Steve Aoki published the second book in the Character X series, which was titled Replicant X. This set of 7,777 NFTs was designed by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and has eye-catching graphic elements that were hand-picked by Steve Aoki.

According to what Steve Aoki had to say about the collaboration, “I am happy to be working with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and Seth Green as we lead Character X through this next development into Replicant X, taking the community along for the voyage.”

The Replicant X NFT provides participants with the opportunity to contribute to the writing of Dominion X as the game moves into development. The creators of the DominionX: Level 2 stop-motion shorts have extended an invitation to holders of the Shibuya’s White Rabbit Key NFT and the Replicant X NFT to take part in the production of these films.

Those who own the ReplicantX Key or the White Rabbit Key may use Shibuya to stake their NFTs in order to participate in the interactive manufacturing process. Each NFT will count as one vote in the final tally.

The voting session will begin on February 8 and continue for a total of thirty-two days. The community is given the opportunity to cast their vote on many potential conclusions for each new scene that Stoopid Buddy Stoodios publishes on a weekly basis.

Following the conclusion of the vote, Stoopid Buddy will film the following scene based on the comments and suggestions made by members of the community. The NFTs of community members will be staked as of the 6th of February, and this status will be maintained for the whole six-week production cycle.

At the conclusion of the period of six weeks, voters will be given a memorial NFT of different rarities as a thank-you present for participating. The kind of memorial NFT they get will be determined by the amount of participation they shown throughout the creation process.

The Chief Executive Officer of Shibuya, Emily Yang, also known as Pplpleasr, remarked that the company is “eager to witness the first stop-motion picture co-directed by a community of NFT holders come to reality.” ReplicantX is a fascinating example of the interactive content that can be made possible by Web3 technology, and our platform offers the tools necessary to bridge the gap that exists between content providers and communities.

In addition, Seth Green said that, “As artists, it is exhilarating to have these new tools to bring fans right into our writers room so that they can engage in the creative process with us.” The strategy used with Replicant X is intended to encourage the maximum amount of audience participation in the narrative and, more significantly, to generate humorous situations that we ourselves could never have conceived of.

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