Steve Aoki and 3LAU to will debut “Concentrate” as ‘Punx’ NFT Duo

Steve Aoki and 3LAU to will debut “Concentrate” as ‘Punx’ NFT Duo

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As part of their groundbreaking audio-visual supergroup, PUNX, renowned DJs Steve Aoki and Justin Blau, also known as 3LAU, will release their first single, “Concentrate,” on April 28.

PUNX, who took inspiration from the prestigious NFT collection CryptoPunks, aims to transform the music business.

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PUNX will sell 50% of the song’s streaming rights in addition to the music and concept art. By purchasing one of the 99 tokens, investors and fans will have the rare opportunity to acquire 0.5% ownership of the track.

A0K1VERSE PASSPORt, 3LAU NFTs, and current CryptoPunks holders will have priority access to the new track.

The tokens will be available on Royal, the investment platform developed by 3LAU with the intention of democratizing ownership of music rights.

Being at the epicenter of this evolution, actively creating community and giving back to it, is amazing. Steve Aoki exclaimed his delight.

It’s a new era for music, and I’m proud to be at the forefront of this exciting movement, Justin Blau said, echoing the sentiment.

PUNX is ready to make waves in the music industry with their cutting-edge approach to music and NFTs, establishing a new paradigm for both artists and fans.

Let’s help Aoki and 3LAU with this innovative project as they try to open up the future of music ownership and community engagement.

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