Solana’s Web3 Smartphone ‘Saga’ is Now Available

Solana’s Web3 Smartphone ‘Saga’ is Now Available

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The leading blockchain Solana launches its first Web3 android smartphone “Saga”  which is now available for users who pre-ordered and will be available starting on May 8, 2023, for new orders.

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Solana announced the launch of Saga, a flagship Android phone with premium components from the OSOM team. It includes an app store that facilitates the seamless distribution of web3-native apps, free from the limitations and exorbitant commission fees often associated with mainstream web2 app marketplaces.

After successfully setting up their device, Saga users will have the opportunity to claim a unique Saga genesis token NFT, exclusively tied to their device.

Starting today, customers who have pre-ordered Saga can now place their orders in the United States, European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. For those who missed the pre-order window, new orders will be available from May 8th, with shipping scheduled to commence in the subsequent weeks.

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