Solana Network goes online after two restarts

Solana Network goes Online after Two Restarts

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After two sequential coordinated restart attempts, the Solana network overcame the outage and went back live on Feb 26. However, the Solana network team is still investigating the root cause behind such outages.

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The Solana Mainnet Beta network experienced substantial performance deterioration on February 25. As a result, the validator community decided to restart the network.

In the event of data loss, validator nodes were immediately converted to vote-only mode to ensure safe network recovery. During an unknown amount of time, Solana didn’t handle any user transactions.

Two restart attempts were made after the community of validators’ decision to downgrade the network to version 1.13.6. To gain some time for careful data analysis and to guarantee the security of transactions, the first effort was shelved.

After being assured by data analysis that no transaction was impacted, the community collectively rebooted the network and moved from version 1.14 to the earlier version.

For network operators, outages have been a big issue and nuisance. The network experienced disruptions in 2021 and 2022 that hampered network performance for a period of time. Some of the disruptions, according to skeptics, were caused by sudden bot activity on the network.

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