Solana Labs' new ChatGPT plugin introduces AI to blockchain

Solana Labs’ new ChatGPT plugin introduces AI to blockchain

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Users of the Solana network, we have some exciting news for you! In the near future, you will be able to connect with the network by using an open-source plugin that is activated on ChatGPT, which is OpenAI’s AI chatbot.

Recently, Solana Labs, the team behind the cryptocurrency that has been called “the killer of Ethereum,” made an announcement regarding the implementation of a new feature that provides users with increased control over the data that is associated with their accounts.

But that’s not all – Solana Labs now focuses more on AI. On April 25, the company announced it would provide $1 million in grants for projects that create AI tools on Solana. The ChatGPT plugin is just the beginning.

So, what exactly are the capabilities of Solana’s AI Plugin?

Solana Labs’ snapshot shows that ChatGPT can receive a list of NFTs held by a specific Solana address, including an associated metadata link to the NFT. It’s unclear if Solana Labs plans to activate the plugin when OpenAI makes it accessible to everyone.

The company also included an “export” option, allowing customers to download their data and better understand the information that ChatGPT maintains.

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