Solana Founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, Denies False Rumors Spread by Ethereum Community

Solana Founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, Denies False Rumors Spread by Ethereum Community

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The ongoing rivalry between the Solana (SOL) ecosystem and the Ethereum community has taken an unpleasant turn as Anatoly Yakovenko, the creator of Solana, publicly refuted false information being disseminated about the protocol. The alleged claim that Solana has exhausted Transactions Per Second (TPS) was addressed by Anatoly on Twitter, stating that such rumors are comical and not grounded in reality.

False Allegations and the Potential Impact on Solana

Anatoly Yakovenko, known as Toly on Twitter, expressed his disappointment with members from both within and outside the Ethereum community for spreading baseless rumors about Solana Labs. The purported claim that Solana Labs has run out of TPS could potentially generate Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD), negatively impacting the reputation of the protocol.

Solana's Anatoly Yakovenko
Solana’s Anatoly Yakovenko

Setting the Record Straight

In response to the false allegations, Anatoly asserted that Solana has not exhausted its TPS capabilities. On the contrary, the protocol boasts hundreds of millions of TPS and abundant compute units, enabling it to handle high transaction volumes efficiently. The public statement aimed to clear the air and counter the misleading narratives propagated by rivals.

Healthy Competition Amidst Facts

While Anatoly welcomes healthy competition, he emphasized the importance of adhering to factual information during such interactions. Engaging in accurate and transparent discourse ensures that the competition remains fair and objective, promoting the growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem.

Rivalry in the Blockchain Space

Rivalries between different blockchain protocols are not uncommon in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. Such rivalries often arise from the competition for dominance and market share. Previously, the XRP community and Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, had tense relations due to their competitive stances. However, after a recent reconciliation between Hoskinson and the XRP community, tensions have subsided between Cardano and XRP.

Solana Foundation’s Update on Network Performance

In a bid to provide accurate and transparent information to its community, the Solana Foundation released an update on the network’s reliability and availability. The report, issued on July 20th, 2023, covered the first half of the year and highlighted that there has been only one outage during this period. The report aimed to assure users and stakeholders of the protocol’s robustness and continued commitment to delivering a reliable network.


As the battle for supremacy in the crypto world continues, it is essential for the blockchain community to promote accurate information and transparent discussions. Solana’s founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, took a stand against false allegations to protect the integrity of the protocol. Healthy competition fosters innovation and advancement, and as blockchain projects evolve, it becomes imperative to focus on verifiable facts to build a thriving and trustworthy ecosystem for all participants.

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