Snoop Dogg appointed as Chief Ganjaroo at Roobet

Snoop Dogg appointed as Chief Ganjaroo at Roobet

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Snoop Dogg, a legendary rapper and one of the most influential people in the NFT space, has just been given the role of Chief Ganjaroo on the Roobet cryptocurrency casino gaming platform.

Snoop Dogg joins Roobet as Chief Ganjaroo Officer

According to the announcement, “The partnership will bring together Snoop’s vast global reach and industry expertise with Roobet’s innovative technology and eye for the crypto frontier.”

By forming this strategic alliance with Roobet, Snoop intends to bring about a revolution in the gaming industry and provide players with a gaming experience that is unlike any other.

One of the many exciting ways that Roobet and Snoop have planned to celebrate the partnership is by holding a cash prize raffle with grand prizes that include meet-and-greets, backstage access to Snoop’s performances, enticing welcome offers for new users, and so on. The prize pool for the raffle is one hundred thousand dollars.

Snoop Dogg made the following observation in reference to this collaboration: “Turns out, I’ve been a kangaroo this whole time. These people are taking a different approach to things. Our relationship simply seems to make perfect sense, and together we will blaze a path for the development of online entertainment in the future.

Snoop said that he and Roobet like exploring new experiences and are concerned about their following, so the two of them have come up with a strategy to reimagine the game and make it even more enjoyable.

“From the very beginning, our goal has been to push the limits of what a gaming brand can be, and Snoop’s a true visionary,” said the CEO of the company. Together, we are going to make a real difference in how people enjoy themselves while participating in online entertainment. According to Matt Duea, one of the co-founders of Roobet, “With Snoop at our side, the future of digital entertainment is looking brighter than it has ever looked before.”

The Web3 game industry is going to get a boost as a result of this relationship, and the mere mention of Snoop’s name is enough to make many of the members of the community excited about the prospects of this alliance.

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