Slim Jim Ventures into Web3 with Metaverse NFT

Slim Jim Ventures into Web3 with Metaverse NFT

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Well-known snack brand Slim Jim is making a splash in the digital world by announcing its entry into the Web3 space with an interactive platform called the “Meataverse”. As part of this venture, Slim Jim is offering free Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

For a limited time, fans of the snack can join the free digital fan club and receive a dynamic NFT called “GigaJim”. Operating on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon, Slim Jim is even covering the network transaction costs, or ‘gas fees’, associated with these NFTs.

Slim Jim has a total of 10,000 NFTs available on a first-come, first-serve basis. These digital tokens act as unique membership cards, granting holders access to exclusive benefits, perks, and a variety of online and real-world experiences planned for the future.

To acquire a GigaJim, users based in the US will need to provide their phone number and email address on the dedicated platform. Following this, a procedurally generated NFT with randomly selected visual attributes inspired by Slim Jim’s brand lore on social media will be created using the “Meaterializer” feature.

The obtained NFT is then added to the user’s digital wallet, providing access to the exciting “Meataverse” website. Holders can enhance the appearance, cool factor, and rarity of their GigaJims over time by accumulating Slim Jim’s digital currency, S.A.U.C.E. The brand will also introduce a public leaderboard to rank rarity scores.

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In an ongoing commitment to engagement, Slim Jim has announced the upcoming release of a roadmap that outlines additional enhancements and features. These updates, which will be rolled out in future seasons, will offer the “Long Boi Gang” community more opportunities to interact within the “Meataverse”. Additionally, a dedicated Slim Jim Discord server has been set up to facilitate the launch.

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