Sino Global Capital Rebrands to Ryze Labs A Fresh Vision for Global Crypto Innovation

Sino Global Capital Rebrands to Ryze Labs: A Fresh Vision for Global Crypto Innovation

In a bold move that reflects their broader global aspirations in the world of cryptocurrencies, the leading Asian venture firm, Sino Global Capital, has unveiled its new identity as “Ryze Labs.” This rebranding marks a pivotal moment in their journey as they aim to transcend their Asian roots and make a mark on the global stage.

Ryze Labs Logo

The name “Ryze Labs embodies their mission to nurture groundbreaking projects and visionary entrepreneurs while simultaneously challenging traditional financial systems. It’s a fusion of “rise” and “raze,” a potent symbol of their unwavering commitment to innovation and disruption in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Matthew Graham, the Founder & Managing Partner of Ryze Labs, emphasized the significance of this rebranding, stating, “This rebrand will help us communicate our strategic focus on driving innovation while harnessing the untapped potential of emerging markets for our founders.”

This transformation also signifies a notable departure from their previous close association with the cryptocurrency platform, FTX. While Sino Global Capital was once tightly intertwined with FTX, the adoption of the name “Ryze Labs” signals their intent to carve out a unique identity in the crypto realm, one that transcends previous affiliations.

It’s interesting to note that a former executive from FTX has joined the ranks of Ryze Labs. This development underscores the firm’s ongoing commitment and active involvement in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry. As Ryze Labs takes its first steps on this renewed journey, the world watches with anticipation, eager to witness the innovative strides this rebranded venture firm will make in the dynamic crypto landscape.