Shibarium Beta Hits Milestone of 14 Million Wallets

Shibarium Beta Hits Milestone of 14 Million Wallets

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Shibarium, a layer-2 network solution from the Shiba Inu ecosystem, has made significant progress during beta testing. The beta version of the network, Puppynet, has accumulated more than 14 million wallets in just four weeks since its relaunch with an improved Chain ID.

The Shibarium beta network currently has 14,061,584 wallets, according to Puppyscan, Puppynet’s official block explorer. These numbers might be a good indication of how people will probably react when Shibarium is released.

Rapid growth over a brief period The test network has done this just one month after its redeployment on March 24. On April 13, after being offline for 14 hours, the testnet re-entered service with 3,122,259 (3.12 million) wallets.

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Surprisingly, in just nine days, the number of wallets on the test network increased by 350%, reaching a total of 14 million. Additionally, Puppynet is now performing better in other areas. At the time of reporting, the network had handled 4,552,506 transactions altogether, averaging 68,782 per day. Additionally, the network has currently processed 489,457 blocks in total.

The network’s average block time remains at 5 seconds despite the increased traffic. A number of metrics and performance indicators have increased, which suggests that the Shibarium beta network is currently undergoing extensive testing.

Demand for Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), which functions as both a governance token for ShibaSwap and a gas token for Shibarium, has increased in the meantime. Customers now have five options after OKX recently made the asset known as one of the meme tokens that it may list.

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