Shiba Inu Becomes Popular in Japan as SBI Group Enables SHIB Trading

Shiba Inu Becomes Popular in Japan as SBI Group Enables SHIB Trading

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SBI Group, a well-known financial service company in Japan, has taken a significant step into cryptocurrency trading. Its subsidiary, SBI VC Trade, has announced plans to offer trading services for Shiba Inu (SHIB), a digital currency inspired by Dogecoin.

/ Starting today, we have started handling 3 stocks: Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dai (DAI), and Cosmos (ATOM). The total number of cryptocurrencies available on SBI VC Trade is now 20. Leveraged trading for DAI and staking for ATOM will be available from July.

SBI VC Trade (@sbivc_official) June 28, 2023

Starting June 28, customers can buy, accumulate, and lend SHIB as well as other supported digital assets like Dai (DAI) and Cosmos (ATOM).

The decision to include SHIB on its trading platform shows that SBI Group recognizes the growing importance and potential of digital assets. By expanding its offerings to meet customer demands, SBI VC Trade aims to provide a smooth and efficient trading experience.

A month ago, SBI collaborated with the XDC network in Japan, marking a significant milestone for the financial group. This partnership strengthened their position and demonstrated their commitment to progress in the Japanese market.

SBI Group Embraces Shiba Inu Trading

It’s worth noting that BitPoint, another leading exchange in Japan, was the first major platform to list SHIB back in November 2022. In a recent tweet, BitPoint reaffirmed its support for Shiba Inu and highlighted the 18 other crypto assets it handles, including SHIB.

Shiba Inu Becomes Popular in Japan as SBI Group Enables SHIB Trading

SBI Group’s decision to embrace SHIB trading demonstrates its commitment to meeting the growing demand for cryptocurrencies and the evolving needs of its customers. By adding Shiba Inu to its platform along with other digital assets, SBI VC Trade aims to offer a comprehensive range of services to enhance customer satisfaction.

SBI Group’s entry into SHIB trading is a significant development in the cryptocurrency market. As the industry continues to evolve, financial institutions like SBI are taking notice and adjusting their services accordingly. The inclusion of Shiba Inu on SBI VC Trade’s platform opens up new opportunities for investors and further establishes SHIB as a globally recognized crypto asset.

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