Sheikh Hamdan’s 100-day UAE Metaverse plan

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Sheikh Hamdani has devised a strategy to attract government agencies into the #Metaverse that will be implemented over the course of the next 100 days. During a discussion with the Heighr Committee of Future Technology Development and Digital Economy, the Crown Prince of Dubai reaffirmed his dedication to the goal of making Dubai the emerging capital for expanding digital importance. And for this reason, Sheikh Hamdan needs the institutions of the government to assist him in developing his vision.

Sheikh Hamdan plans to contribute an additional $2 billion to the economy of the emirate and create 40,000 virtual employment by the year 2030. In July of 2022, they implemented the Dubai Metaverse Strategy as a solution to this problem.

More than one thousand businesses are expected to join the Web3 sector as a direct result of Sheikh Hamdan’s 100-day initiative to form strategic relationships. This new campaign is a continuation of the one that is already underway and is geared on bringing on board government entities.

In addition, Sheikh Hamdan intends to form a group of prosperous investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators to flourish in every nook and cranny. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness among Dubai residents about the metaverse and the potential it presents.

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