RTFKT is collaborating with Division Street to bring AR Helmet NFTs to market.

RTFKT is collaborating with Division Street to bring AR Helmet NFTs to market.

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Nike’s RTFKT Studios, a leading manufacturer of athletic equipment, has collaborated with Division Street, an Oregon-based company owned by the brand Ducks of a Feather, to produce a limited-edition AR helmet NFT collection.

The goal of the initiative is to provide assistance to the student-athletes who are enrolled at the University of Oregon. The companies developed a set of 291 digital collectable augmented reality helmets in order to lend a hand to the sportsmen in the process of commercializing their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL).

The profits and royalties that were earned from the sale of the NFT collection will be put to use by Division Street to further the company’s mission of assisting the student-athletes who compete for the University of Oregon.

RTFKT Clone X and Flying Formation NFT holders had the opportunity to register for an exclusive private mint draw beginning on December 20, from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). The user has to be in possession of an NFT from one of these NFT collections in order to be included into the draw.

An RTFKT account, a WalletConnect-compatible crypto wallet, and a wallet containing at least 0.75 ETH (or $908.78) are additional requirements for participation in this competition.

There will be a limit of one entry per RTFKT account as well as one entry per wallet address. At the time of this writing, the registration for the private draw mint has been closed.

On December 21 at 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, 291 lucky individuals will be picked at random for the allowlist and granted permission to mint. After 2:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, there will be an additional 500 winners selected from the queue who will be given permission to mint.

There will not be a public mint, however those on the allowlist will still be able to mint within the allotted period for the waitlist. If you are a supporter of RTFKT but don’t possess any NFTs but would still want to contribute to the project, you may use the augmented reality feature of the Snapchat app to virtually try on the helmet.

Holders of the helmet NFT will get a restricted license to the creative material that is linked with the helmet, in addition to receiving future NFT gated access to ahead of downloading 3D wearable files of the helmet for digital wearability.

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During the process of minting the football helmet, collectors will also have the opportunity to create a special 1/291 physical football jersey. The NFT for the AR football helmet does not have a physical equivalent.

The actual jerseys were created by Todd van Horne, who has been responsible for the creation of the Oregon Ducks’ football outfits for the previous 20 years. The layout of the limited-edition jersey is a combination of all of Horne’s previous ideas for jerseys.

If you possess the NFT after the first purchase, you will not be able to get the physical jerseys that were awarded as part of the forging event for the helmet NFTs. This is because everyone who bought helmet NFTs on the secondary market would already have claimed their physical jerseys.

In addition to the 291 AR helmets, there will be 10 helmets that have been digitally autographed by Phil Knight. Phil Knight is not just one of the co-founders of Nike but also the company’s chairman emeritus.

In the course of the private mint event, a total of ten of these helmets will be minted on-chain at random. The owners of the 10 digitally autographed helmets will also get genuine jerseys that have been signed by Phil Knight.

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