Ronaldinho Denies Involvement in $61 Million Crypto Scam

Ronaldinho Denies Involvement in $61 Million Crypto Scam

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Retired Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho has refuted allegations of involvement in a $61 million cryptocurrency scam during a congressional hearing in Brasília. The company in question, 18kRonaldinho, is accused of operating a pyramid scheme that promised investors 2% daily returns on their crypto investments but failed to deliver. Ronaldinho claims to be a victim himself and has denied any authorization for the company to use his name and image. This third hearing was his final opportunity to clear his name.

Ronaldinho’s Stand Against Crypto Scam Allegations

In a dramatic turn of events, retired Brazilian soccer sensation Ronaldinho faced Brazil’s congress to address allegations linking him to a $61 million cryptocurrency scam. The company in question, 18kRonaldinho, has been accused of orchestrating a pyramid scheme that lured investors with the promise of 2% daily returns on their cryptocurrency investments. However, these returns never materialized, resulting in a legal battle that has drawn widespread attention.


A Congressional Showdown

The congressional hearing, which unfolded on August 31 in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, was Ronaldinho’s opportunity to clear his name and assert his innocence. The soccer star categorically denied any involvement with 18kRonaldinho, vehemently distancing himself from the alleged crypto scam.

The Pyramid Scheme Unveiled

At the heart of the controversy is the 18kRonaldinho pyramid scheme, which allegedly duped investors with lofty promises of daily crypto gains. When these returns failed to materialize, legal action ensued, ensnaring Ronaldinho in a web of accusations.

Ronaldinho’s Defense

Throughout the legal proceedings, Ronaldinho and his legal team have maintained that he is not a perpetrator but rather a victim of this fraudulent activity. They argue that the company exploited Ronaldinho’s name and image without proper authorization, implicating him unjustly in the crypto scam.

A Missed Opportunity

It’s worth noting that this was not the first time Ronaldinho faced the congressional panel regarding this case. In two previous hearings, the soccer icon had avoided testifying against the investigation. This third and final hearing represented his last chance to exonerate himself in the eyes of Congress.

A Legal Crossroads

With his denial of involvement and his assertion of victimhood, Ronaldinho now stands at a legal crossroads. If he fails to convince the authorities of his innocence, legal repercussions may follow, adding another layer of complexity to this high-profile crypto scam case.

Ronaldinho’s battle against allegations of involvement in a $61 million cryptocurrency scam continues to capture attention both within and beyond the world of sports. As the legal saga unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the soccer legend can successfully distance himself from the shadow of the alleged crypto scam.

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