Revenue of Ethereum has surpassed $10 billion sooner than Facebook and Microsoft

Revenue of Ethereum has surpassed $10 billion sooner than Facebook and Microsoft

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In a remarkable achievement, the second-largest blockchain, Ethereum, has reached a staggering milestone, accumulating over $10 billion in cumulative revenue since its launch in July 2015.

A Swift Climb to Success

Ethereum’s journey to this financial milestone has been nothing short of impressive, taking just seven years to accomplish what some tech giants like Facebook (Meta) and Microsoft took significantly longer to achieve. It’s worth noting that Ethereum reached this historic revenue figure in approximately 7.5 years, underlining its rapid ascent.

How Ethereum Earns Its Keep

Ethereum’s revenue primarily comes from gas fees, which users pay when executing various transactions on the network. This includes activities such as smart contract creation, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transfers, NFT minting, and other on-chain operations.

A Blockchain Powerhouse

Ethereum’s significance in the crypto world extends beyond its revenue milestone. It boasts a current market capitalization of $191 billion, securing its position as the second-largest blockchain globally, trailing only behind Bitcoin. Over the years, Ethereum has maintained its dominance.

DeFi Dominance

Furthermore, Ethereum plays a pivotal role in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, currently holding the highest Total Value Locked (TVL), which stands at approximately $48 billion. In the heyday of the crypto space, Ethereum reached its peak TVL of over $153 billion in November 2023.

Ethereum’s journey from its inception to this impressive $10 billion revenue mark showcases its vital role in the blockchain and crypto landscape, reaffirming its position as a true industry heavyweight.

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