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Release of MetaOne ® 3.0 Allows Complete Crypto Circle With SWAP and OFF-RAMP

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Asset swap and crypto off-ramp will be two new features added to the MetaOne® wallet application in the upcoming upgrade, according to AAG, a company that specializes in Web3 infrastructure.

Asset swap in the MetaOne® app will make it simple for users to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Without relying on a third-party service or external exchange, users will be able to use this functionality to quickly and securely convert their digital assets. Asset swaps allow customers to take advantage of market changes and make wise asset selections.


Through the second new feature, dubbed crypto off-ramp, users will be able to exchange their cryptocurrency holdings for fiat money and then withdraw the money to their bank accounts. Users will have more flexibility when accessing the value of their digital assets, whether for smaller purchases or larger ones, because they won’t need to go through a multi-step process that would otherwise require knowledge of bridging, centralized exchanges, and swapping.

Both of these new features will be integrated into the MetaOne® app without any hassle, providing users with a more thorough and effective experience. These additions are anticipated to make the MetaOne® wallet application more beneficial and practical.

Along with these two important features, users can now benefit from owning AAG tokens through the MetaOne® Tiered Rewards Program. Users will be entitled to NFT airdrops from AAG and its partners as well as discounts on services offered by the MetaOne® wallet, including a reduction of up to 94% when trading assets. Beginning with 100 AAG tokens is the lowest benefit tier.

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