Ramp Integrates Pix Payment System for Brazilian Crypto Transactions

Ramp Integrates Pix Payment System for Brazilian Crypto Transactions

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Ramp, the leading financial technology company dedicated to facilitating cryptocurrency access, has taken a significant step in strengthening its presence in Brazil. By integrating the Pix payment system of the Brazilian Central Bank, Ramp has opened new avenues for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Brazil, offering them a quicker, more cost-efficient, and user-friendly method to purchase digital assets using Brazilian Real (BRL).

A Boon for Brazilian Crypto Enthusiasts

This integration with Pix brings forth a game-changing development in Brazil’s cryptocurrency landscape. Now, all Brazilian citizens looking to invest in cryptocurrencies have access to an expedited, affordable, and convenient payment solution. Additionally, this strategic move grants Ramp’s partners access to the Brazilian market and its most widely adopted payment method.

Ramp’s Commitment to Web3 Accessibility

Ramp’s integration with Pix follows the establishment of its local entity in Brazil, marking a significant stride toward its mission of democratizing Web3 access globally. The company is dedicated to streamlining and automating the onboarding process, making Web3 accessible to individuals worldwide.

Competitive BRL-to-Crypto Transactions

Brazilian customers stand to benefit from the highly competitive BRL-to-crypto transaction rates offered by Ramp and Pix. Furthermore, Pix’s status as a domestic payment solution eliminates the complexities and fees associated with international transactions, making domestic crypto transactions more accessible and cost-effective.

Szymon Sypniewicz, CEO of Ramp, on the Milestone

Szymon Sypniewicz, CEO of Ramp, expressed his pride in extending support to Brazilian users. He emphasized that with this integration, Brazilians can become part of the Web3 economy in mere seconds, compared to hours previously. Sypniewicz also highlighted how this move aligns with Ramp’s mission to make crypto universally accessible and create opportunities for local Web3 innovators and global partners expanding their presence in Latin America.

Pix, introduced by the Central Bank of Brazil in 2021, enables seamless instant payments, even on non-business days, for individuals, businesses, and government entities. It has quickly gained favor among Brazilians, with over 70% embracing it as their preferred digital payment method in under two years since its inception.

Ramp’s presence in Brazil and the subsequent inclusion of Pix support seamlessly complements its existing provision of card payments in USD and BRL. Pix’s exceptional user experience, high acceptance rates, enterprise-grade security, and real-time settlements enhance the frictionless transaction process.

Ramp offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for easy cryptocurrency onboarding, including on-ramp and off-ramp services that allow users to acquire cryptocurrencies with traditional currencies and convert digital assets back into fiat swiftly and securely. These offerings are accessible globally, with on-ramp support in over 150 countries and off-ramp support in more than 130 territories.

Ramp empowers users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies directly within applications developed using Ramp’s solutions, further driving the adoption of digital assets worldwide.

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