Ramp Enables Global Worldcoin (WLD) Purchases with Cutting-Edge On-Ramp Services

Ramp Enables Global Worldcoin (WLD) Purchases with Cutting-Edge On-Ramp Services

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Ramp, the leading global crypto on-ramp provider, has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first platform to offer direct Worldcoin (WLD) purchases worldwide. The fintech company’s announcement marks a significant advancement in its mission to attract innovative initiatives to its platform, focusing on inclusivity and democratizing access to cryptocurrencies.

Worldcoin’s Vision of Inclusive Financial Networks

Worldcoin shares a common mission with Ramp to create a global, inclusive financial network. Spearheaded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Worldcoin aims to empower individuals by providing an inclusive identification and financial system. The World ID, a pivotal aspect of Worldcoin, utilizes specialized biometric technology, particularly iris scans, to bind tokens to a unique identity, ensuring each user is a distinct human being.

This cutting-edge proof-of-personhood notion sets Worldcoin apart from traditional systems, reducing the risk of manipulation by AI-driven bots or duplicate identities. By employing iris scans and safeguarding user data, Worldcoin establishes an AI-resistant system for verification, enhancing privacy and ensuring a secure digital environment.

Empowering Humans through Innovative Technology

Worldcoin’s financial ecosystem is designed to prioritize human users, enabling them to take charge of a new financial landscape. The iris scan biometric verification technique reinforces the platform’s commitment to eliminating AI-driven manipulation, placing authenticated human users at the forefront of the digital world.

To enhance accessibility and user experience, Worldcoin’s on-ramp service is initially operating on Optimism (OP), with plans to expand to other networks like Ethereum in the future. This emphasis on scalability and efficiency aligns with the platform’s overarching vision of fostering a fairer and more equal financial system.

Ramp’s Role in Facilitating Global WLD Purchases

Ramp’s pioneering on-ramp services enable customers to purchase Worldcoin (WLD) directly, establishing a seamless pathway to enter the Worldcoin ecosystem. While the service is available to consumers globally, it is currently unavailable in the United States due to existing regulatory restrictions. The Ramp team is closely monitoring regulatory changes and remains committed to potential modifications to enhance accessibility.

During this initial phase of integration with Worldcoin, Ramp will focus on providing on-ramp services. The platform’s team is dedicated to further enhancing off-ramp services for WLD in the latter half of 2023, ensuring a comprehensive and user-centric experience for its customers.

A Collaborative Journey Towards Financial Inclusivity

Ramp’s excitement about participating in Worldcoin’s journey underscores the shared commitment to creating a fairer and more inclusive financial system. By working together, Ramp and Worldcoin aim to democratize access to cryptocurrencies, making them readily available to a broader audience and facilitating seamless entry into the digital economy.

As the partnership unfolds, users are invited to join this thrilling new chapter in the cryptocurrency world, empowering themselves in a financial landscape that prioritizes security, privacy, and human-centricity.


Ramp’s successful implementation of direct Worldcoin (WLD) purchases on its platform is a significant milestone in the pursuit of financial inclusivity. As Worldcoin’s vision of an inclusive financial network aligns with Ramp’s mission, the collaboration paves the way for a more equitable and accessible cryptocurrency ecosystem.

By prioritizing human users and employing innovative biometric verification technology, Worldcoin is pioneering a new era of secure and AI-resistant digital identification. Together with Ramp’s on-ramp services, the partnership strives to empower individuals worldwide and facilitate easy access to the rapidly growing digital economy.

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