Radix and LayerZero collaborate to improve ecosystem interoperability and Web3 user experience.

LayerZero, a cutting-edge omnichain interoperability protocol, and Radix, a cutting-edge Layer 1 protocol centered on providing user-friendly crypto experiences, have announced a landmark cooperation to integrate LayerZero with the Radix Babylon public network in the second half of 2023.

This partnership will provide frictionless cross-chain communication and asset transfers, which will be advantageous to both platforms’ users. Decentralized apps (dApps) may transfer messages safely and quickly across various blockchains thanks to LayerZero’s ground-breaking technology.


Radix users and developers will benefit from a more connected and unified experience thanks to LayerZero’s integration into the Radix ecosystem. LayerZero is also able to demonstrate its capabilities inside an ecosystem that is continually expanding and places a premium on user experience.


Radix Foundation Director Piers Ridyard expressed excitement about the integration, saying that the integration will enhance the user experience on the Radix public ledger and showcase the true potential of cross-chain interoperability.

Compiled by Coinbold