Qredo Releases Improved Self-Custody Wallet for Crypto Traders

Qredo Releases Improved Self-Custody Wallet for Crypto Traders

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Qredo has unveiled an upgraded self-custody wallet that is designed for institutional crypto traders. The wallet provides a secure, inexpensive, and open-source solution for independently holding digital assets. The new version of the wallet uses multi-party computation (MPC) technology to offer better control over permissions, approval processes, team management, and improved security.

@QredoNetwork support for @WalletConnect v2 βœ…

Let’s goooo @WalletConnect @pedrouid πŸš€

β€” Josh Goodbody (@JoshGoodbody) May 29, 2023

Qredo’s Chief Operating Officer, Josh Goodbody, emphasizes the increasing significance of having absolute control over digital assets. He also observes a market void for an affordable, open-source, and on-chain custody framework that could meet the growing demand for secure and independent management of crypto assets. Qredo has positioned itself as a leading provider of custody and wallet solutions, boasting over 85,000 users from 350 institutional and corporate clients worldwide, with over $4 billion in monthly asset movements.

The updated self-custody wallet from Qredo caters perfectly to the needs of institutional crypto traders and fulfills market requirements for an inexpensive open-source solution.

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