Puma to Unveil “Super Puma” NFTs for its 75th Anniversary

Puma to Unveil “Super Puma” NFTs for its 75th Anniversary

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In order to commemorate the brand’s 75th year in business, the athletic apparel manufacturer PUMA will reveal the “Super Puma” profile photo (PFP) NFT initiative this month.

The Super PUMA comics, which were initially published in the 1970s and featured the exploits of a green cat dubbed “Super PUMA,” served as inspiration for Puma’s NFT range of footwear and apparel.

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Puma’s most significant athletic accomplishments over the last seventy-five years will be commemorated in the Super PUMA line.

The Super PUMA PFP provides its users with a wide range of engaging perks and experiences, tokenized access to premium items, and a direct connection to PUMA’s illustrious designs.

Super PUMA will be used by PUMA across a number of goods and projects, including clothes, plush toys, and comic books. These items will all be available to consumers who do not own an NFT as well as consumers who do hold an NFT.

“Puma’s burgeoning Web3 community played a vital part in the creation of this new initiative,” said Adam Petrick, Chief Brand Officer for PUMA. As a consequence of our paying attention to what the members of our community requested, the Super PUMA PFP NFT has been developed. It’s a fantastic initiative to start off our 75th anniversary as an embodiment of our brand tagline, “Forever Faster,” which means “drawing on our past and tradition to propel sport and culture ahead through design and innovation.”

For owners of the Nitro Collection NFTs, access to the Super Puma PFP NFT is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. These PFPs are given to owners of the Nitro Collection in direct proportion to the number of Nitro NFTs that they already own.

The Super PUMA collection has a total of 10,000 units, 4,000 of which will be airdropped in late February to owners of the Nitro Collection by PUMA, 2000 of which will be reserved for the 10KTF Community, and 4,000 of which will be made available for public purchase via waiting list spaces.

After purchasing ENS Domain, Puma decided to change its name on Twitter to Puma.eth. It has already been a year since the company made this move. During New York Fashion Week in September of 2016, PUMA debuted their very first metaverse experience, which was dubbed ‘Black Station’ (NYFW).

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