Puma releases the 3D Web3 Black Station experience.

Puma releases the 3D Web3 Black Station experience

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Puma, the renowned German footwear conglomerate, has unveiled an enthralling virtual world known as Black Station on June 13th. The developers behind this innovative venture have emphasized that Black Station serves as a captivating hub, providing unique access to exclusive product launches tailored specifically for Puma Pass NFT owners.


In a recent announcement, the developers behind the Black Station experience have revealed that while the virtual realm is accessible to all, certain privileges such as purchasing the coveted digital “Rulebreaker” sneaker and obtaining two digital wearables are reserved exclusively for RB token holders. These tokens were distributed to Puma Pass holders via an airdrop. Currently, the RB tokens are valued at 0.0125 Ether.

Explaining their decision, the developers stated, “Even without owning an RB token, there are plenty of exciting aspects to explore. Unkai, our enchanting sky city, and Unter, our thrilling underground club, are brimming with mysteries to discover and collect.”

From June 13th to June 20th, RB token holders have the unique opportunity to burn their tokens within the Black Station platform. By doing so, their parent wallets will gain access to a wide range of product drops within the metaverse. Looking ahead, the developers have outlined plans for additional general events and Non-fungible token (NFT) releases in the coming year, with further developments scheduled for 2024.

The Black Station experience will be available for exploration until June 23rd. It is worth noting that Puma had previously expressed interest in exploring other blockchain platforms but ultimately decided to continue operating on the Ethereum network. Users can participate in the virtual world by utilizing Ether (ETH) and connecting their wallets, while the option to purchase digital collectibles with a credit card is also available.

In February 2022, Puma registered an Ethereum Name Service domain and changed its Twitter handle to Puma.eth. During this period, Puma made strategic investments in various NFT collections inspired by feline themes, including popular series like Cool Cats, Lazy Lions, Gutter Cat Gang, and Catbox.

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