Prada Sets to Released Tenth Timecapsule NFT Collection

Prada Sets to Released Tenth Timecapsule NFT Collection

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Prada, a giant in the fashion industry whose popularity, just announced that its tenth Timecapsule NFT will be coming out in March.This NFT is a continuation of the collection that was started the previous year in June.

A limited-edition, three-part series of shirts created by Italian photographer Enzo Ragazzini will come to a close with the March issue since it is the last series in the series. These NFTs were inspired by Enzo Ragazzini’s archive from the 1960s.

An optical interference technique was used to create the design in 1969 for the Enzo Ragazzini exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (ICA). The designer used mechanical devices of his own invention to create the patterns (the “rotating plane” for the circular patterns and the “rotating drum” for the horizontal ones). After that, in 2017, this work was converted to digital format.

Prada Announces the Release of its Tenth Phygital Timecapsule NFT Collection 1

A limited number of countries are now carrying the Timecapsule limited-edition clothing line. The event takes place on the first Thursday of every month, and during it, a limited-edition collection is made available for purchase for a period of one day. As part of the NFT program, purchasers get a free NFT that has been airdropped in addition to the real merchandise they purchase.

The next version will be made of cotton poplin, and on the back, there will be an enameled Prada triangle logo and the word “MARCH.” In addition, a number will be stitched onto the inside of each garment. Buyers will have the opportunity to become members of the Prada Crypted NFT community once the NFT is integrated with Timecapsule.

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