Polygon and Salesforce have partnered to create an NFT based loyalty program

Polygon and Salesforce have partnered to create an NFT-based loyalty program.

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The layer 2 Blockchain network, Polygon, has partnered with Salesforce, the world’s largest customer relationship management (CRM) firm for an NFT-based loyalty program. 

President of Polygon Labs, Ryan Wyatt said that Salesforce will help its clients with the adoption of Polygon with its management platform. This will help its clients create a token-based loyalty program.

Before this tweet, the CRM software company reported that it was expanding its customer services to include the NFT loyalty program operation. 

Pointing to the Web3 platform, Salesforce stated, “Monitor real-time blockchain data from collections launched on Ethereum and Polygon within your CRM.” Loyalty programs can maximize businesses’ profits.

Salesforce just released a limited version of Salesforce Web3. This platform is intended to assist businesses in creating, managing, and deploying Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in an effective and sustainable manner.

According to data from, repeated customers can generate up to 41% of a business’s revenue. The alliance of Salesforce and Polygon marks a substantial milestone for the wider incorporation of NFTs within the business realm.

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