PitBull joins Unitea's board of directors

PitBull joins Unitea’s board of directors

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Unitea is the first platform that allows users to connect with music in order to make money, and it has announced its Board of Directors and Key Advisors, which comprises notable figures from the music, marketing, and business industries.

The board of directors and senior advisers at Unitea are comprised of an exceptional roster of industry professionals that provide their years of expertise and valuable insights to aid in the skyrocketing expansion of the firm.

Pitbull, a musician and producer who has won many Grammy Awards, is at the top of the list. He has served as Musical Director for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Bearden, and a great number of other corporate giants in the music business.

Unitea was able to debut its platform with over 52 brand activations from partners like as P&G and Breakaway Festiva, resulting in a successful launch.


With its engagement-driven social network, Unitea is enthusiastically trying to bridge the gap between Web 3.0 and the music business. It does this by combining data and incentives to create more genuine online experiences.

Ketan Rahangdale, CEO of Unitea said, “As the only engage-to-earn social music platform in the industry, we are fundamentally changing the way artists and brands interact with their fans. It is an incredible privilege to have such a diverse and experienced board stand behind our vision and roadmap, and help us make it a reality.”

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