Palm Network Joins Polygon ZK Supernet with Support from ConsenSys jpg

Palm Network Joins Polygon ZK Supernet with Support from ConsenSys

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In a significant development for the world of digital art and NFTs, the renowned platform Palm Network has announced its collaboration with Polygon ZK Supernet, with support from the industry leader ConsenSys. This strategic move aims to enhance Palm Network’s infrastructure, offering users a high-performance, low-cost, and customizable experience.

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Palm Network is scaling into a @0xPolygon
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Palm Network Joins Polygon ZK Supernet with Support from ConsenSys
Palm Network Joins Polygon ZK Supernet with Support from ConsenSys

A Milestone Transition

Currently operating as an Ethereum sidechain, Palm Network is known for providing a reliable infrastructure for digital art and NFT enthusiasts. However, with the upcoming transition to Polygon ZK Supernet, the platform is set to experience a major upgrade in its capabilities. This migration will enable Palm Network to offer seamless user experiences, even during periods of high network activity.

Two Key Steps to the ZK Supernet

The migration process towards becoming a ZK Supernet involves two significant steps. Firstly, the platform will embark on a migration into a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain, which is scheduled to take place in August 2023. This step lays the foundation for enhanced efficiency and scalability. In the second step, slated for 2024, Palm Network will complete its transformation into a Polygon ZK Supernet, unlocking its full potential as a digital art and NFT powerhouse.

Empowering Creators and Democratizing Art

The collaboration between Palm Foundation and Polygon Labs is underpinned by a shared vision of empowering creators and democratizing art. The partnership aims to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem for the future of digital art, where artists can showcase their work, and art enthusiasts can explore and collect NFTs seamlessly.

Inheriting Polygon’s Power

By joining forces with Polygon, Palm Network gains access to a range of advanced features. These include high-speed execution, enhanced security, and robust scalability. The incorporation of Polygon’s cutting-edge technology will facilitate more efficient minting, trading, and collecting of NFTs on the platform.

Polygon’s Growing Influence

Polygon has emerged as a central player in the blockchain industry, attracting partnerships from diverse sectors, including governments, traditional finance, and technology. The platform’s versatility and reliability have made it an attractive choice for various innovative projects. Recently, Italy’s central bank launched a DeFi exploration project on Polygon, further highlighting the platform’s significance in the blockchain space.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Palm Network and Polygon ZK Supernet, with the support of ConsenSys, marks a significant step forward for the digital art and NFT community. As Palm Network undergoes its transformative journey towards becoming a ZK Supernet, users can look forward to enhanced experiences, seamless transactions, and an enriched ecosystem for the future of digital art and creativity. The partnership underscores the growing potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing the art world and democratizing access to artistic creations globally.

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