Orbs Collaborates with Axelar Network for Seamless Token Bridging

Orbs Collaborates with Axelar Network for Seamless Token Bridging

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Orbs, the Layer-3 infrastructure network dedicated to decentralized applications, has forged a strategic partnership with Axelar Network. This alliance empowers users with a secure and hassle-free method to bridge their ORBS tokens across various prominent blockchains, including Ethereum and BNB Chain.

Simplifying Cross-Chain Transactions

The integration with Axelar Network presents a significant advancement for Orbs and its community. It addresses the need for a reliable solution to bridge ORBS tokens after the unfortunate closure of Multichain, which halted its operations due to unexpected events resulting in substantial fund losses. In pursuit of a dependable alternative, the Orbs team diligently explored options that align with the highest standards of security and functionality.

A Trustworthy Partner Emerges

Orbs’s search for an ideal bridge provider culminated in a partnership with Axelar Satellite, an established name in secure cross-chain communication for Web3 projects. This collaboration introduces the prowess of the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, embraced by renowned industry leaders such as Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polygon. Axelar Satellite’s capacity to facilitate inter-chain communication opens the door for multichain Web3 dApps to offer users a cohesive experience across supported networks, bolstering asset transfers across chains.

Seamlessness and Security Unified

Axelar Satellite’s user-centric interface emerges as a standout feature, streamlining the process of transferring digital assets across diverse networks. With over 700,000 cross-chain swaps worth an impressive $1.8 billion in transaction volume, Axelar’s bridge demonstrates its robust functionality. The rigorous security assessments carried out by Axelar reinforce its commitment to maintaining high standards, ensuring the integrity of its smart contracts and infrastructure.

Public Codebase and Expansive Integration

Axelar’s commitment to transparency is reflected in its entirely public codebase, accessible through Github. This approach not only instills confidence in users but also aligns with the ethos of openness within the blockchain community. The integration of Orbs with Axelar Satellite extends the utility of ORBS tokens across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, and beyond, enabling users to navigate multiple networks seamlessly.

A New Era of Token Bridging

As the collaboration between Orbs and Axelar Network takes center stage, the crypto community witnesses the birth of a secure and versatile token bridging solution. This partnership showcases the resilience of the blockchain space, as innovative technologies and strategic alliances continue to redefine possibilities for users and developers alike. With the integration of Orbs and Axelar Satellite, the journey toward frictionless cross-chain transactions gains momentum, contributing to the evolution of the decentralized ecosystem.

In an ever-evolving landscape, Orbs and Axelar Network stand as symbols of adaptability and progress, illuminating the path toward enhanced accessibility and connectivity in the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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