OpenSea Releases “OpenSea Pro” with Updated Features

OpenSea Releases “OpenSea Pro” with Updated Features

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The fastest and most potent NFT marketplace aggregator in the market, “OpenSea Pro,” is the result of NFT marketplace OpenSea’s rebranding of the “Gem V2” NFT aggregator platform.

According to the announcement, OpenSea Pro boasts special features such as “Live Cross-Marketplace Data, Advanced Orders, Powerful Inventory Management, Instant Sales, Most Optimized Gas Fees, Mobile Compatibility, etc.

OpenSea Pro is a new NFT platform that collects listings from over 170 marketplaces. It will reinstate its standard 2.5% fee and offer NFT enthusiasts a temporary 0% fee.

The introduction of OpenSea Pro coincides with the escalating rivalry between Opensea and Blur for control of the NFT market. OpenSea Pro will still keep OpenSea’s current model, which calls for a 0.5% minimum royalty on projects.

OpenSea will also provide a free “Gemesis” NFT through May 4, 2023 to users who purchased an NFT through Gem before March 31. OpenSea acquired NFT Aggregator Gem in April to add more flexibility and choice for people at every level of experience.

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