OKX Published its Proof-of-Reserves Report for February

OKX Published its Proof-of-Reserves Report for February

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OKEx has now revealed its fourth monthly Proof of Reserves (PoR), which reveals that the cryptocurrency exchange currently has a total of $8.6 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

According to the report, the current OKX reserve ratios are BTC: 104%, ETH: 104%, and USDT: 102%. Over 90,000 unique users viewed Proof of Liabilities, while over 175,000 unique users visited OKX’s Proof of Reserves website.

As per data from a CryptoQuant, OKX has the largest 100% clean asset reserves out of all the major exchanges. In accordance with its dedication to transparency, OKX will keep releasing PoR on a monthly basis.

OKX has made more than 23,000 addresses accessible to users via the use of its Merkle Tree PoR program, and the company will continue to use these addresses in order to make asset flows apparent to the broader public.

OKX Managing Director of Financial Markets Lennix Lai made the following statement: “Our data reveals that hundreds of thousands of our consumers have taken an active interest in seeing our historical reserves and utilizing open-source tools to ensure their liabilities are included. ” It is of essential significance to developing user confidence, and we are determined to ensuring that OKX continues to exhibit leadership in this area. Proof of Reserves is not a subject that can be considered a niche area of discussion.

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