Oasys Blockchain Gaming Platform Joins Forces with KDDI for NFT Integration

Oasys Blockchain Gaming Platform Joins Forces with KDDI for NFT Integration

In a significant development for the world of blockchain gaming, Oasys, a dedicated blockchain platform for gaming, has officially integrated with “αU market” an NFT marketplace, and “αU Wallet” a crypto asset wallet, both provided by KDDI Corp. one of Japan’s foremost telecom giants. This integration ushers in a new era for Oasys users, enabling them to sell their NFTs through the “αU market” and efficiently manage their NFT portfolios using the “αU Wallet.” Furthermore, users can securely transfer and store OAS tokens, Oasys’s native cryptocurrency, within this unified ecosystem.

This strategic integration carries significant weight, as it grants developers building on the Oasys platform access to KDDI’s extensive user base. This move is poised to drive the mass adoption of blockchain gaming to unprecedented heights, reaching a broader audience than ever before.

The collaboration between KDDI and Oasys stems from KDDI’s foray into the metaverse and Web3 services with their “αU (Alpha You)” initiative, which debuted in March. At its core, this endeavor aims to create a world where every individual can become a creator in the digital realm.

As part of their broader Web3 endeavors, KDDI has assumed the role of a network validator for Oasys. Moreover, they played a pivotal role as judges during Oasys’ HACKJAM hackathon held in Tokyo from June to July this year, contributing significantly to the growth of Oasys’s ecosystem.

In an insightful interview featured in Mugenlabo magazine, Ryo Matsubara from Oasys and Shunpei Tatebayashi from KDDI delved into the significance of this partnership. They underscored the importance of incorporating a Web3-style service into a blockchain that isn’t confined to any specific game title, emphasizing the broad applicability and versatility of their collaboration.

This partnership not only fortifies the positions of both brands in the expanding realm of blockchain games and decentralized applications (dApps) but also brings to the table a wealth of expertise from KDDI’s telecommunications background. Oasys, with its focus on bridging traditional Web2 and emerging Web3 gaming, stands to benefit greatly from KDDI’s telecommunications sector experience.

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KDDI is set to provide essential infrastructure and forge content-related partnerships, while Oasys plans to leverage KDDI’s deep knowledge of combining cutting-edge technologies with communication to create captivating experiences. This includes harnessing the potential of 5G communication and augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR) technologies.

Above all, Oasys and KDDI share an unwavering passion for blockchain and Web3 technology. They are committed to a close-knit collaboration that explores new horizons and creates opportunities that are mutually beneficial for their brands and, most importantly, their users. This integration marks a milestone in the evolution of blockchain gaming and paves the way for a more immersive and interconnected gaming experience.