NFT Game Z-ERA Loses $285K in Crypto Theft

NFT Game Z-ERA Loses $285K in Crypto Theft

The NFT-based card game Z-ERA has suffered a significant loss of $285,000 due to a security exploit. Blockchain security firm CertiK revealed this news on June 20.


CertiK discovered an exploit targeting Z-ERA’s BNB Smart Chain address. In the attack, an externally-owned account (EOA) deployed an unverified contract to drain funds. This allowed the attacker to obtain 1.8 million ZERA tokens, which were subsequently sold for around $285,000. The attacker then transferred 1178.5 BNB to TornadoCash.

The aftermath of the exploit led to a drastic 99% drop in the value of the ZERA token, according to CertiK’s report. While the exact price of the asset was not confirmed, CoinMarketCap data indicates that ZERA was trading at $13.00 on Pancake Swap after its launch on June 19. By 10:00 p.m. UTC on June 13, the value of the asset had plummeted to just $0.007.


Data also shows that ZERA had a total circulating supply of 6.58 million tokens. With the theft of 1.5 million ZERA tokens, approximately 27% of the supply was affected by the heist.

This exploit occurred shortly after the launch of the project’s game and token on June 18. The associated app was also launched on June 15. As of now, Z-ERA has not issued any statements regarding the hack, and attempts to contact the project have been unsuccessful.

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