NEAR Protocol Teams Up with Škoda India to Enter the Indian NFT Landscape

NEAR Protocol Teams Up with Škoda India to Enter the Indian NFT Landscape

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Škoda India, a major player in the automobile industry, is set to make a groundbreaking move in partnership with NEAR Protocol by launching Škodaverse India, an NFT platform. As part of Škoda’s global Škodaverse initiative, this venture represents a significant evolution in the digital realm, creating a unique connection between the brand and its loyal customers.


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Škoda aims to enhance the brand-consumer relationship in the Indian auto market by introducing the concept of the metaverse through Web3 technologies. With NEAR Protocol as its power source, Škodaverse India allows Škoda followers to interact with, buy, and trade NFTs, thereby revolutionizing the brand’s approach to engagement.

Mr. Christian Cahn von Seelen, Executive Director of Sales, Marketing, and Digital at Škoda Auto Volkswagen India, applauds this collaboration as a testament to Škoda’s commitment to its Indian customer base and its dedication to innovation and sustainability. He envisions Škodaverse India as a vibrant hub for customer engagement, digital creativity, and brand loyalty.


Škoda’s goal is to create a platform that appeals to a wide range of people, regardless of their familiarity with blockchain technology. Each NFT collection aims to deliver memorable experiences that capture the distinctive spirit of Škoda.

Sustainability is at the heart of the project, as the initial NFT collection will be created on NEAR Protocol, a carbon-neutral blockchain certified by South Pole. This approach aligns with Škoda’s long-standing sustainability efforts.

Through the launch of Škodaverse India, Škoda India demonstrates a remarkable embrace of blockchain technology, marking a significant stride towards Web3 applications. The initiative promises engaging experiences that foster community-building and cements Škodaverse’s position as a trailblazer in the digital landscape of the automobile industry.

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