MetaMask Snaps

MetaMask Snaps

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What is MetaMask Snaps?

MetaMask Snaps are powerful plugins that expand the capabilities of your MetaMask wallet by incorporating specialized functionalities developed by external programmers. These plugins go beyond the Ethereum network and allow you to interact with non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains as well. This means that you can directly access a wider range of blockchain ecosystems from within your MetaMask wallet, opening up new possibilities and expanding your options beyond the Ethereum network. With MetaMask Snaps, you can conveniently navigate and engage with various blockchain ecosystems, all from the comfort of your MetaMask interface.

With MetaMask Snaps, you can effortlessly manage assets, execute transactions, and even utilize smart contracts across various blockchains, all while enjoying the safety and security of your MetaMask wallet. These Snaps operate within a secure and isolated environment, ensuring that they do not compromise the integrity or security of your MetaMask account. Rest assured, MetaMask Snaps provide a robust and protected space for exploring the diverse world of blockchain ecosystems.

What is MetaMask Snaps

How do Snaps Work?

MetaMask Snaps operate as JavaScript modules that are encapsulated within secure and isolated iframes. These modules extend the capabilities of the MetaMask wallet by interacting with the Snap API. By leveraging this API, Snaps can introduce new RPC (Remote Procedure Call) methods, manage custom assets, and seamlessly integrate into the MetaMask user interface.

The secure sandboxing of Snaps ensures that they have limited access to specific data and features, only with the explicit approval of the user. This robust security measure prevents unauthorized access and safeguards the user’s information.

Once a Snap is installed, it establishes communication with MetaMask through JSON-RPC calls. These calls are routed by MetaMask’s internal controller architecture, enabling Snaps to provide diverse features. This includes supporting new blockchains, offering decentralized identity services, and more. Despite the varied functionalities, Snaps ensure a unified and cohesive user experience within the MetaMask environment.

What Chains Support MetaMask Snaps?

MetaMask Snaps offer extensive support for a wide range of blockchains and protocols, providing users with the flexibility to interact with diverse ecosystems. Noteworthy chains supported by MetaMask Snaps include:

  1. Mina Protocol via the MinaPortal Snap
  2. NEAR Protocol via the @near-snap/plugin
  3. Cosmos via the @leapwallet/metamask-cosmos-snap and @cosmsnap/snap
  4. Algorand via the @algorandfoundation/algorand-metamask-snap
  5. Bitcoin and other chains like Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc., via the ShapeShift Multichain Snap

In addition to blockchain support, there are also Snaps dedicated to decentralized identity, password management, and zero-knowledge proof technology. Notable examples include Masca, EthSign Keychain, and RariMe. To explore the full range of available plugins and extensions, we recommend visiting the MetaMask Snaps App Store. There, you can continue your exploration and discover even more useful Snaps to enhance your MetaMask experience.

MetaMask Snaps App Store

How to Deploy a MetaMask Snap

To successfully deploy a MetaMask Snap, developers need to follow a series of steps outlined in the official MetaMask Snaps documentation. Here is a general overview of the process:

  1. Set up a development environment: Start by configuring your development environment, ensuring you have the necessary tools and dependencies installed.
  2. Write the Snap using JavaScript and MetaMask’s SDK: Develop your Snap using JavaScript, leveraging the capabilities provided by MetaMask’s SDK. This involves implementing the desired functionalities and features for your Snap.
  3. Local testing: Test your Snap locally to ensure it functions as intended. Debug and fix any issues that arise during this phase.
  4. Bundle your Snap: Once your Snap is working correctly, bundle it into a JavaScript file. This process involves packaging all the necessary code, dependencies, and assets into a single file for deployment.
  5. Upload to a public server: Upload the bundled JavaScript file to a public server or hosting platform. This allows users to access and install your Snap.
  6. Configure MetaMask for user installations: Provide the necessary configuration details to MetaMask, enabling users to install and utilize your Snap. This may involve specifying the Snap’s URL or other required information.

For a comprehensive, step-by-step guide, I recommend referring to the official MetaMask Snaps documentation. It offers detailed instructions and best practices to ensure a smooth and successful deployment of your MetaMask Snap.

Are Snaps Safe?

The safety of MetaMask Snaps is contingent upon the code quality and intentions of the developers who create them. While MetaMask prioritizes security and implements robust measures within its platform, it is crucial to remember that Snaps are third-party extensions. As such, there is a possibility that they may introduce vulnerabilities or exhibit malicious behavior if not developed with due diligence.

To ensure a secure experience with MetaMask Snaps, it is essential to exercise caution when installing them. Only obtain Snaps from trusted and reputable sources, such as the official MetaMask Snaps App Store or well-established developers. Take the time to carefully review the permissions requested by each Snap and consider whether they are necessary for the desired functionality. Grant permissions judiciously and be mindful of the potential implications.

By adopting these best practices and maintaining a vigilant approach, users can mitigate potential security risks associated with third-party extensions and enjoy a safer experience with MetaMask Snaps.


In conclusion, MetaMask Snaps serve as robust plugins that enhance the functionality of your MetaMask wallet, enabling seamless interactions across various blockchains and expanding the scope of decentralized applications accessible to users. These plugins, written in JavaScript, operate within a secure environment, prioritizing the safety of users’ crypto assets.

While MetaMask is committed to maintaining a high level of security, it is crucial for users to exercise caution when installing Snaps. It is advisable to source Snaps exclusively from reputable and trusted sources to minimize potential risks. Additionally, users should remain vigilant when granting permissions to ensure a secure and versatile crypto experience.

By following these guidelines and leveraging the power of MetaMask Snaps, users can enjoy an enhanced and secure crypto journey, seamlessly navigating the decentralized landscape and unlocking new possibilities across multiple blockchains.

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