Masa to Release Souldbound Tokens on Base Layer 2 Blockchain of Coinbase

Users of Coinbase’s Base Layer 2 blockchain will soon be able to access Base Camp Soulbound tokens, according to Masa, the first EVM-compatible Soulbound Token protocol.

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Masa is preparing the launch of the Base SBT Developer Toolkit and Soulbound tokens, which are non-transferrable NFTs to represent on-chain and off-chain credentials. The introduction of new tokens will enable users to associate their wallet addresses with identifiable and reputational features, as well as credit underwriting.


The Soulbound token unlocks different use cases such as human-readable domain names, membership badges with a unique identity, achievement badges, Referral Attribution, User Verification, 2FA & Captcha, Credit Underwriting for Web2 and Web3 Credit Score, and SBT Factory.

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