Maple Finance Raises $5M Strategic Funding, Expands Beyond DeFi

Maple Finance Raises $5M Strategic Funding, Expands Beyond DeFi

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Maple, the onchain capital market, secures $5 million in strategic funding, with BlockTower and Tioga Capital as co-leads. The funding enables Maple’s expansion beyond DeFi, facilitating entry into the traditional financial sector. The company’s commitment to partnerships and decentralized technology remains steadfast.


Maple secures $5 million in strategic funding and plans a diverse expansion.

Maple, a prominent on-chain capital market, has successfully concluded a strategic funding round, raising a significant $5 million. Leaders in the sector, BlockTower and Tioga Capital, jointly led this funding, demonstrating a strong display of support for Maple’s goals.

Strategic Funding Round Garners Enthusiasm

The announcement of the funding round drew attention from a range of investors, with participation from notable entities such as Cherry Ventures, The Spartan Group, GSR Ventures, and Veris Ventures. Continual commitment was shown from existing investors Maven11 Capital and Framework Ventures, signifying confidence in Maple’s trajectory.

Maple’s Vision: Beyond DeFi and Into Traditional Finance

With this strategic funding, Maple solidifies its intent to transcend its DeFi origins. The company is strategically positioning itself to extend its lending services into the traditional financial market, a move that aligns with its commitment to shaping a more inclusive financial landscape.

Building on a Foundation of Funding Success

This funding round marks the third successful fundraiser for Maple. Previously, the company secured $1.3 million in a Seed round in December 2020, followed by a $1.4 million Venture round in March 2021, underscoring its steady growth path.

Unique Approach of Maple Finance

Maple Finance distinguishes itself as an on-chain capital marketplace where credit experts curate yield-generating lending opportunities for liquidity providers. This innovative model underscores Maple’s drive to facilitate a dynamic and inclusive financial ecosystem.

Global Expansion: APAC and LATAM on the Horizon

Maple is strategically positioning itself for expansion into the APAC and LATAM regions, responding to growing demand for institutional-grade on-chain lending and borrowing platforms. The move underscores Maple’s mission to broaden access to financial services across diverse markets.

Empowering Partnerships and Advancing Technology

With the new capital injection, Maple is poised to establish impactful partnerships with protocols, financial service providers, and credit professionals. The company remains committed to advancing decentralized technology while fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation.

Maple’s successful strategic funding round signifies a pivotal moment in its evolution, as it prepares to extend its footprint into traditional finance while staying true to its vision of enhancing financial inclusivity.

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